Hen's Revenge

Play the classic chicken game and try to chase the cunning fox

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Chicken Game

Play Games Hens Revenge is a fun and engaging animal puzzle game available for free on Android & IOS devices. Designed to be perfect for mobile devices and tablets, you can play this game offline without the internet.

It's a relaxing yet amusing adventure game featuring vengeful birds, skilled monkeys, and cunning foxes. These simple brain puzzles are enjoyable for both girls and boys, much like a classic arcade game.

Play free games and overcome challenges with physics-based gameplay that flows smoothly. Try out the super fun and addictive one-touch casual adventure mode!

The Free Game includes: Unlockable birds, chickens, and eggs. It's incredibly simple to understand, but hard to master! It offers brain teasers for everyone.

Our game is designed with the player in mind. If you're looking for new games in 2023 or free offline games that don't require wifi, give our game a try! We're confident you'll be impressed with the bright graphics, relaxing music, and enjoyable storytelling atmosphere.

☆ Lots of game levels. Play hundreds of levels with more added in regular updates and limited-time events.
☆ Bright and colorful graphics that will enhance your gaming experience.
☆ Exciting and challenging adventure mode.
☆ Precision targeting so that your shots are never wasted.
☆ Free logic-based gameplay - You need good logical and aiming skills to complete any level.
☆ As you move to higher levels you will find them more difficult to complete.
☆ Easy game, fun to play and suitable for people of all ages.
☆ Physics game, with all game items controlled by our fun physics engine.
☆ Zoom in, zoom out, and move the game screen for a perfect view!
☆ Free game that can be played with friends.
☆ Completely free to play, with optional in app purchases available.

Story of Hen's Revenge:

Once upon a time, there was a hen who lived in the forest with her chicks. One morning, while walking through the forest with her babies, she suddenly saw a hungry fox approaching. They were still too far from the coop house to outrun the fox.

The cunning fox has kidnapped all of the chicks and fled, leaving the mother hen injured and unable to save her young. However, a monkey witnessed the entire incident. When the mother hen saw the monkey, she asked for his help: 'Can you save my babies? If you help me, I'll offer you some bananas.' The monkey replied, 'Sure, Let's hunt them down!

Revenge on the greedy Fox who kidnapped her chicks. Begin here...

The hen and Monkey have to get through the terror of cunning Fox. The hen becomes angry and inclined towards sustaining their chicks from greedy fox.

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Hens Revenge - Official Trailer(HD)

Once upon a time, there was a Hen who lived in the forest with her chicks and best buddy. Then one day, a stranger invaded their paradise.

Hens Revenge® game is available on both devices (Android & Apple). Very simple and basic to play, yet it is creative and challenging.

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So you are ready to help monkey and hen, aren't you? Then go on and get the Hen's Renvenge now. Don't forget to share with your friends and relatives.

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