Hen's Revenge

Play the classic hen & chicken game and try to chase the cunning fox

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Hens Revenge® (Hen Happy Animals) game is very simple and basic to play, yet it is creative and challenging.

Once upon a time, there was a Hen lived in the forest with chicks. One day morning she was walking with babies through the forest. Suddenly, she saw a hungry fox approaching. They were still too far from the coop house to outrun the fox.

Fox kidnapped all chicks and run away! The mother hen is injured and could not save her babies from cunning Fox. But a monkey was watching everything. Mother Hen saw and asked for help to the monkey. "Can you save my babies? If you can help me, I can offer you some bananas." Monkey replied, "Sure, I am in".

Revenge on the greedy Fox who kidnapped her chicks. Begin here...

The hen and Monkey have to get through the terror of cunning Fox. The hen becomes angry and inclined towards sustaining their chicks from greedy fox.

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Hens Revenge - Official Trailer(HD)

Once upon a time, there was a Hen who lived in the forest with her chicks and best buddy. Then one day, a stranger invaded their paradise.

Hens Revenge® game is available on both devices (Android & Apple). Very simple and basic to play, yet it is creative and challenging.

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